Currie Cup Records

Currie Cup scores of over 50 points.

SeasonPoints forPoints AgainstResultOpponent
1996 Currie Cup season1478WonSWD Eagles
2011 Currie Cup season9221WonLeopards
1999 Currie Cup season8931WonGriffons
2005 Currie Cup season
836WonSWD Eagles
1996 Currie Cup season8022WonFalcons
2001 Currie Cup season7730WonGriquas
2004 Currie Cup season7510WonSWD Eagles
2009 Currie Cup season7216WonBoland Cavaliers
1996 Currie Cup season7224WonFalcons
1989 Currie Cup season713WonSouth West Africa
2008 Currie Cup season6919WonBoland Cavaliers
2005 Currie Cup season6924WonLeopards
2005 Currie Cup season
6928WonEastern Province
1998 Currie Cup season6811WonLeopards
2000 Currie Cup season
Bankfin Cup
6846WonEastern Province
2006 Currie Cup season663WonPumas
1990 Currie Cup season646WonLeopards
2003 Currie Cup season6429WonWestern Province
2017 Currie Cup season6436WonFree State Cheetahs
2007 Currie Cup season6215WonBoland Cavaliers
2005 Currie Cup season6110WonLeopards
2003 Currie Cup season6120WonSWD Eagles
2009 Currie Cup season6124WonLeopards
2009 Currie Cup season6127WonGriquas
2006 Currie Cup season6022WonGriquas
2005 Currie Cup season590WonGriquas
1998 Currie Cup season5921WonBorder Bulldogs
2004 Currie Cup season5814WonPumas
1989 Currie Cup season5815WonNatal Sharks
2008 Currie Cup season5822WonGriquas
1999 Currie Cup season5823WonLeopards
1998 Currie Cup season573WonBoland Cavaliers
2015 Currie Cup season5719WonFree State Cheetahs
2016 Currie Cup season5720WonGriquas
2000 Currie Cup season
Bankfin Cup
1996 Currie Cup season5613WonSWD Eagles
1996 Currie Cup season567WonGriffons
1999 Currie Cup season5624WonBoland Cavaliers
2000 Currie Cup season5649WonPumas
1989 Currie Cup season5513WonSouth West Africa
1996 Currie Cup season5523WonBoland Cavaliers
2001 Currie Cup season5418WonBorder Bulldogs
2017 Currie Cup season5422WonGolden Lions
1996 Currie Cup season538WonGriffons
1995 Currie Cup season5321WonFree State Cheetahs
2013 Currie Cup season5210WonGriquas
2017 Currie Cup season5232WonPumas
2003 Currie Cup season5240WonGolden Lions
1983 Currie Cup season513WonEastern Province
1996 Currie Cup season5120WonWestern Province
2003 Currie Cup season5124WonFree State Cheetahs
1996 Currie Cup season5130WonFree State Cheetahs
2017 Currie Cup season5145WonGriquas
1986 Currie Cup season503WonGriffons
1989 Currie Cup season506WonEastern Province Kings
2008 Currie Cup season507WonFalcons
2009 Currie Cup season5018WonBoland Cavaliers
2012 Currie Cup season5029WonGolden Lions
2006 Currie Cup season5032WonNatal Sharks

Blue Bulls overall playinng record in the Currie Cup 1986-2015

Games played387
Games won262
Games drawn11
Games lost114
Teams played14
Teams beaten14
Teams beaten by11
Teams drawn with5
Largest points for147
Largest points against63
Largest wining margin139
Largest losing margin-44
Total points for12470
Total points against8439
Average points for32.22
Average points against21.81
Lowest score and still won12-6 vs Western Province 1987
Highest score and lost48-50 vs Eastern Province 2002
Lowest drawn score9-9 vs Transvaal 1986

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For full Currie Cup results list 1979-2015 go to our Results page.

Thank you to The Rugby Archive for historical results.

  • The Blue Bulls made 55 scores of over 50 points in the Currie Cup since 1979.
  • The most points for the Blue Bulls was the 147-8 victory over SWD Eagles in the 1996 Currie Cup season. This score remains the highest ever score in Currie Cup history.
  • The highest score against the Blue Bulls was 63-26 by the WP in the 2003 Currie Cup season but the Blue Bulls had revenge in the same season beating the WP 64-29 which is the highest score against the WP for the Blue Bulls.
  • The worst loss for the Blue Bulls was 57-13 against the Transvaal in the 1994 Currie Cup.
  • Most Currie Cup Matches: Burger Geldenhuys 128 Naas Botha 123
  • Most Currie Cup Career Points: Naas Botha 1699 career points.
  • Most Currie Cup Points in a Season: Johan Heunis  268 points (1989 Currie Cup)
  • Most Points in a Match: Casper Steyn 40  (vs SWD Eagles, 2000 Currie Cup)
  • Most Currie Cup Career Tries: John Mametsa 44, Jacques Olivier 37Deon Oosthuysen 34
  • Most Currie Cup Tries in a Season: Ettienne Botha 18 (2004 Currie Cup)
  • Most Tries in a Match: Jacques Olivier 7 (vs SWD Eagles, 1996 Currie Cup)
  • Most Conversions in a Match: Lance Sherrell 14 (vs SWD Eagles 1996 Currie Cup)
  • Most Penalties in a Match: Jannie Kruger 9 (Vs WP 1996) Derick Hougaard 9 (vs WP 2002)
  • Most Currie Cup team Points in a Season: 783 1996 Currie Cup
  • Most Currie Cup Tries in a Season: 102 1996 Currie Cup
  • Most tries in a Match: 23 vs SWD Eagles 1996 Currie Cup


Honors in the Currie Cup competition

  • Champions:effort-clipart-Trophy 1946, 1956, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009
  • The Blue Bulls shared the trophy in the following years: effort-clipart-Trophy1971, 1979, 1989, 2006
  • Runners Up: 1954, 1970, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1990, 2005, 2008, 2016
ChampionshipParticipatedNumber of titlesShared titlesRunners-upSemi-FinalistsQuarter Finalists
Currie Cup1938-20162349--
Lion Cup1983-1994303--
Bankfin Cup2000-200010000
Vodacom Cup1998-201530642
Percy Frames Trophy1986-199460100
Teljoy Cup1986-1992501--
Sanlam Challenge Shield2015-201510000