Currie Cup Seasons

Currie Cup Seasons 1979-2015

SeasonLog positionLog pointsplayedWonDrawnWon%lostPoints forPoints againstDifferenceAverage PFNotes
Totals-8644703241468.94%132145469742480430.95All seasons include playoff matches and Qualification matches.
1979 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A108180.00%12151328321.50Shared the trophy 15-15 vs Western Province (11th Title)
1980 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A109090.00%129513715829.50Won the final 39-9 vs Western Province (12th Title)
1981 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A129075.00%32581867221.50Won the final 23-6 vs Free State Cheetahs (13th Title)
1982 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A128166.67%32921979524.33Lost Final 7-24 vs Western Province.
1983 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A129175.00%229014614424.17Lost Final 3-9 vs Western Province.
1984 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A85062.50%31571035419.63DNQ
1985 Currie Cup SeasonN/AN/A97077.78%22071297823.00Lost Final 15-22 vs Western Province.
1986 Currie Cup Season3rd-85162.50%21911256623.88DNQ
1987 Currie Cup1st-
1311084.62%235516419127.31Won the final 24-18 vs Transvaal (14th Title)
1988 Currie Cup Season1st221312092.31%134720614126.69Won the Final 19-18 vs Western Province (15th Title)
1989 Currie Cup Season1st281514193.33%054621133536.40Shared the trophy 16-16 vs Western Province (16th Title)
1990 Currie Cup Season1st251512180.00%243521621929.00Lost Final 12-18 vs Natal.
1991 Currie Cup Season3rd12139069.23%43022673523.23Won the Final 27-15 vs Transvaal (17th Title)
1992 Currie Cup Season3rd10105050.00%52422182424.20DNQ
1993 Currie Cup Season4th8104040.00%6225263-3822.50DNQ
1994 Currie Cup Season5th8104040.00%6245321-7624.50DNQ
1995 Currie Cup Season3rd13106160.00%328716312428.70DNQ
1996 Currie Cup Season1st221412085.71%278326152255.93Lost Semi-Final 21-31 to Gauteng Lions.
1997 Currie Cup Season5th40138061.54%53823414129.38DNQ
1998 Currie Cup Season2nd491512080.00%351626824834.40Won the Final 24-20 vs Western Province (18th Title)
1999 Currie Cup Season5th41138161.54%448334613737.15DNQ
2000 Currie Cup Season--63050.00%3232228438.67DNQ Qualified for Bankfin Cup
2000 Currie Cup Bankfin Cup--54080.00%12421667648.40Won the Final 41-20 vs Eastern Province (1st Title)
2001 Currie Cup Season--105050.00%53132615231.30DNQ
2002 Currie Cup Season--129175.00%237624013631.33Won the Final 31-7 vs Golden Lions (19th Title)
2003 Currie Cup Season1st601512080.00%357839118738.53Won the Final 40-19 vs Sharks (20th Title)
2004 Currie Cup Season1st561613281.25%162738124639.19Won the Final 42-33 vs Free State Cheetahs (21st Title)
2005 Currie Cup Qualification 3rd2164066.67%226114112043.50Qualified for 2005 Currie Cup
2005 Currie Cup Season3rd37109090.00%240316723640.30Lost the Final 25-29 vs Free State Cheetahs.
2006 Currie Cup Season2nd501611168.75%455234221034.50Shared the trophy 28-28 vs Free State Cheetahs (22nd Title)
2007 Currie Cup Season4th39158053.33%743029313728.67Lost Semi-Final 6-11 to Free State Cheetahs.
2008 Currie Cup Season2nd531612075.00%452226825432.63Lost the Final 9-14 vs Sharks.
2009 Currie Cup Season3rd461611068.75%553234219033.25Won the Final 36-24 vs Free State Cheetahs (23rd Title)
2010 Currie Cup Season4th47159060.00%64493905929.93Lost Semi-Final 12-16 to Sharks.
2011 Currie Cup Season5th40148157.14%54523688432.29DNQ
2012 Currie Cup Season4th23115045.45%5283311-2825.73Lost Semi-Final 3-20 to Sharks.
2013 Currie Cup Season5th17103130.00%6225253-2822.50DNQ
2014 Currie Cup Season4th28116054.55%52942662826.73Lost Semi-Final 23-31 to Western Province.
2015 Currie Cup Season2nd39118072.73%33602619932.73Lost Semi-Final 18-23 to Western Province.
2016 Currie Cup Season2nd30107070.00%33622738936.20Lost the Final 16-36 vs Cheetahs.